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The largest key

he key is six metres high, and weighs 3.5 tons and will be a unique work of art for the Limassol coastal avenue.

Mr. Evans said that metal and stainless steel were used to make the key which is in three parts and will be joined together and presented during the official presentation.

Mr. Evagoras Georgiou is already in the Guinness Book of Records for constructing the biggest lock in the world. 

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Insects of Cyprus 1

I am not familiar with some of the species, so lemme know if you do :)

yes yes I know snails aren't insects!! - Lady's mile Limassol

Hawk moth - in my home, Germasoyia Limassol

ant trapped in spider web

Lambides Boeticus

I believe it is some kind of wasp? Correct me if I am wrong

Some species of dragonfly - Lady's mile

pyrhocoris apterus

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This year, we've had a good rainfall. All the dams of cyprus got full and overflowed-which is a second for me (28 yrs old)-although I missed the first time because I was in Greece. Here';s some shots from the Dam of yermasoyia

two pictures taken with an infrared filter:

<a href=""></a>

Birds of Cyprus 1

Gray heron at Germaosyia dam
Gray herons at Lady's mile

uknown species at Lady's mile
Blackheaded seagulls at Lady's mile
Pelican at Lady's mile (this one is used as a tourist attraction from the tavern. The poor bird has its wings clipped)

Cisticola juncidis at germasoyia dam
saxiola torquata at germasoyia dam
Hooded crow mobbing a kestrel
Crested lark at Lady's mile
garrulus glandarius glaszneri at Troodos square

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800 year old oak tree

The tree is located at Lania village (towards Troodos), and is 800 years old/ Best to visit during spring as everything around is in bloom