Κυριακή, 15 Ιουλίου 2018

Germasoyia dam

The dam was built at 1968 between Germasoyia and Finikaria, The dam gets water from the Amathos river. It can hold 13.5 million cubical meters of water and 110 hectares

19 February 2012

19 February 2012

18 December 2009, small stream at Akrounta that flows into the dam

18 February 2012

17 July 2011

Κυριακή, 1 Ιουλίου 2018

Birds of cyprus

Spur-winged lapwing (lady's mile)

Cormoran  (Alassa park)

hoopoe (fassuri reed beds)

Hooded crow (Yermasoyia)

Crested Lark (akamas)

Flamingo (Larnaca salt lake)