Τετάρτη, 14 Μαρτίου 2018

Alamanos beach 1

"The coast is basically a continuation of Governor’s Beach, preserving the same features, with the distinctive, white rocks creating an ideal contrast with the blues of the sea. Apart from this beach, which is suitable for swimming and enjoying the facilities of the beachside restaurant, the visitors will also find smaller coves, a bit more difficult to reach, but perfect for lonely moments within the nature.
Those who like camping are frequent visitors in this area, for a night and a sunrise by the waves. The small coves between the white rocks provide some quiet and exclusive time, as well as undisrupted views to the open sea.
The beach of Agios Georgios Alamanos can be reached after taking the exit with the same name, from the highway, heading to the monastery. After a 3-minute distance, the road leads to the white rock coast."