Τετάρτη, 1 Αυγούστου 2012


This year, we've had a good rainfall. All the dams of cyprus got full and overflowed-which is a second for me (28 yrs old)-although I missed the first time because I was in Greece. Here';s some shots from the Dam of yermasoyia

two pictures taken with an infrared filter:

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Birds of Cyprus 1

Gray heron at Germaosyia dam
Gray herons at Lady's mile

uknown species at Lady's mile
Blackheaded seagulls at Lady's mile
Pelican at Lady's mile (this one is used as a tourist attraction from the tavern. The poor bird has its wings clipped)

Cisticola juncidis at germasoyia dam
saxiola torquata at germasoyia dam
Hooded crow mobbing a kestrel
Crested lark at Lady's mile
garrulus glandarius glaszneri at Troodos square